As some of you know my parents picked the name Raechel for me. 17 is how long i’ve been walking this planet. I came to love coffee and books. Netflix, though, is the love of my life. Yet, im in love with cities ive never been before.

To my homie and my bae and my other half and the love of my life. YES you Claire.

I don’t why I’m writing this. I should be studying. Maybe im just full of love today for you. Have i ever tell you that i love you? Probably a million times.

At the beginning of hs i planned to kept my distance from everyone and it hurts because it was lonely. Then i met you. My plan became destroyed, but its fine. I took the risk and told you things that i never normally told anyone. There’s just something about you that shines so bright like a star. When i feel down i always find your locker at school because thats the only place i find you during school. When i couldnt breathe you gave me a reason too. One of that reason is you. I dont why. I wonder is it your love for me too? Or is how your always there for me? I told you about about me bestfriend right during junior. Because of her i never really trust people. But your one of the people i trust and you always listen to me when i needed to explode. because of her i am always alone. But she always speak the truth which i kind of hate. But maybe i needed to hear. You want me to be happy makes me feel love because i havent felt love from my peers on a very long time. But she thinks of yourself. Im just like a second options. i wont move school because my happiness is based within myself. Your the only who will make me happy so ill stay. Who cares about the other people right. As long as we have each other. Your a doll. She isnt my bestfriend because i found a new one who is i love more - you.